Kamis, 19 April 2012

Melania Deasy's new digital stamps...

yes, you read it right!
Deasy, our fellow Indonesian crafter is now launching her own digital stamps... :)
I'm so proud of her.. she's fantastic.. that's the first thing that come to my mind when she showed me the sneak peak of the stamps...  She proved that all of us can reach our dreams if we believe in it, despite of all the barriers ahead.. Gosh, I'm so proud of you, girl.. *hugs*

when she asked me to join her celebrate the launch of the digital stamps.. I had doubt.. I never follow any challenge before and for some reasons, still not interested to do so.. ;)  but, don't know why she still insisted me to join.. *LOL* I feel very honored for this opportunity.. thanks so much for trusting in me.. :)

btw, here's the full set of her digital stamps called AERO BOY.. cool right? ;) it will begin to sell in April 21st in Melania Deasy's blog...

and here's the card I made from this set..
the 1st one is a birthday card for my husband.. since today is also his I think, why not making one from this set? ;) I changed the little flag in the boy's left hand with the big one.. this set is so versatile..looooove it :)
(note: all the supplies details will upload in the "gallery" page of our website)

the second one, is called "happily ever after" card.... I made this card for my friend that will marry this saturday ;)  again, this proved that the "AERO BOY" digital stamps is so versatile for any themes :)
(note: all the supplies details will be uploaded in the gallery of our website)

so now, we moved to the fun part of the post ;)

Deasy is so kind to giveaway this digital stamps for 2 lucky winners... wooohoooo.. ;)

I will randomly picked 2 lucky winners who give comment in this post until midnight 20 April 2012 and I will announce it in this blog in 21st April 2012, also it will be awesome if you can share this post link in the facebook... :)

thanks so much for reading, and once again... CONGRATS for Deasy ;) don't forget to visit her blog for another giveaways chance :)

big hugs,

6 komentar:

  1. Love the stamp set and will pass the message on FB as well

  2. That is about the cutest stamp, digital or otherwise.
    Would be privileged to win it,
    Thank you for offering it and thank you for sharing your talents.

  3. kartumu apik, grid. I am sure that your hubby will love it. The digi stamp came from super talented crafter, and no wonder it is resulted in super cute image :) LOVE it

  4. love your cards, especially the second one :D simple and lovely..
    ayoo inggrid, buat card lagiii :D
    digi stamps nya deasy bener2 cute dan menggoda hatiii :p

  5. Wow....digi stamps nya bagus banget...
    Kartunya juga bagus2...!!
    Congrats y ci Deasy...