Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

2nd STORE ANNIVERSARY: giveaway winners :)

Hi all,

first of all, I'm so thankful for all your supports this far... 2 fabulous years for Mangoberry Craft and it's all because of you, my dear customers :)

13 December 2010, was actually the most anxiety yet exciting day for me.. :) the very first day was nerve-wracked.. thinking if I would get any customer stopping by at my online store... :) thanks God, because all of you, Mangoberry still here.. try to serve you better and better every day.. I hope to see you again in more anniversaries to come... :))

btw, speaking of giveaways, I've already got winners, and of course some surprises ;)

so here they are..

1st giveaway (in facebook account):
I received 174 comments (you can see the list here), the two lucky winners whose selected by, and will receive Rp.100,000 shopping voucher at my website :)

 congrats to Lilia Bemi and Lilyana Lesmana, for winning the 1st giveaway ;)

2nd giveaway (in facebook account)

well, it was actually a quiz... and it's obviously won by Ana Linda, as the 1st person who answered it right ;)  congrats, you win one free stamp of Magnolia (of your choice) ;)

giveaway at Facebook page & twitter

From 67 people who saw this post, only 7 people who actually participated in this giveaway... I thank all of you for sharing my website link :) btw, I saw Melissa Melz was also sharing my website at Saturday, but perhaps she forgot to come back to my page, and give comment... but I still give credit for that, by adding your name in the list ;)

here they are:

1. ruth angelina tampi  2 shares
2. ck yessyca 2 shares
3. katherine tantama 10 shares
4. ana linda 8 shares
5. farika pramastij 1 share
6. aurellia amelia 3 shares
7. atika olivia 8 shares
8. Melissa Melz 1 share

from this list, the two winners who won Rp. 100,000 shopping voucher are Katherine Tantama and Atika Olivia (Since Ana Linda already won at the other challenge, so I picked Atika Olivia as the 2nd winner)
and btw, it's not me if there's no surprise.. ;p I really appreciate friends who help me "promote" my website, by sharing my website link at their wall :)) so, each one of you (all 8 participants) will get 10% DISCOUNT for ready stock items, if you shop at my website this week (from today, Monday 17 Dec until Sunday 23 Des 2012)

thank you so much for your supports :)) and congratulations for all winners ;)


Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Birthday giveaway winners...

Dear customers,

glad to finally back here :))  it's been a long time since I've posted my last post... :)  I would like to apologize for that.. there's a lot things happened here, but the main reason is I lost my blog password :-s
if you want to ask,or chat, or anything, please don't hesitate to email me, or inbox me in Facebook..  :) I'm not going anywhere.. ;)

btw, back to the giveaway winners announcement ;)

I would like to thank you all for the participations... thanks so much to share my link.. I really appreciated that :))

so, I want make this long post, I already got the winners.. using ;) the lucky number based on the comment you did in my facebook wall post... so, here they are:

and btw, for the surprise.. hehe.. (you know me, lah.. it's not Mangoberry kalo ga ada surprise ;p). I would like to appreciate customer who did the most shared of my link... I thank you so much.. *hugs*

so, here's the 'surprise' winner :)

each of these 3 ladies will got Rp. 200,000 shopping vouchers.. this shopping voucher can be used to shop at my website from 1 - 30 November 2012 yaa.. (1 month only)

any question, please contact me via email or inbox FB..

thank you so much ladies for your participations.. see you again in the next giveaway ;)

big hugs,

Senin, 04 Juni 2012


hi all,

it's been awhile since my last post.. how's life lately? :) hope everyone is doing great...

today, I want to announce the winners for our 2nd Card Challenge... it's been late from schedule,actually... I promised to post it on 1st June, but then me and my son got sick and should bed rest for 2 days, thus I can't write any post :( I'm so sorry for this delay..

btw, after 259 votes, finally we've got our winners for the challenge ;) so let's meet our winners...
*drum roll pleaseeee...*

what a gorgeous baby card :) I love all the details Christy's had made for this card. Congratulations, you've just won 200rb shopping voucher in my website :)

Lia admitted that this is the first-time for her to join a challenge and she proved that the 1st time player also can win ;) this girly pinky baby card is sooo beautiful.. the color combination is just perfect.. looove this :) Congrats Lia, you've just won 75rb shopping voucher :)

Did you notice that Ayu was also our 3rd winner in the last challenge? ;) yup, she's maintaining her position in this challenge by providing us this lovely baby card.. I love the paper piecing technique she used in this card... Congrats Ayu, you won 75rb shopping voucher (again! ;p) in my website :)

we're moving on to special award based on Judge choice, and the winner is JOVITA MARIA
well, honestly I'm speechless when I received this card for the first time. what a creative idea!! I'm in love with this drawer card, don't you? :)) congrats, Jovita.. you've won 75rb shopping voucher too :)

for this challenge, I'm adding one winner method by choosing one lucky participant to also win 75rb shopping voucher.. I used to help me choose the lucky winner... ;)
so, congrats Card #13, you are our Lucky winner ;)

 and also our 3 lucky voters :)

Congratulations to Dea Felina, Go Stefani and Mariana Shoppe, you all have just won 50rb shopping voucher :)

please remember that all the shopping vouchers valid for 1 month only...(it will expire on 30 June 2012).
now, I will announce another surprise.. ;) like the 1st challenge, I gave 10% discount for ALL PARTICIPANTS ;) well, this time is no difference.. I'm also gonna give you ALL 10% discount for one of your order.. :D 
(note: terms and conditions apply.. I will PM you via inbox for the details.. ;p)

again, thanks so much for your participation... see you all in the next challenge ;)

big hugs,

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Newest release Magnolia Paper "Summer Memories"


hope all is well :)

a little post today, regarding what I just uploaded today ;) 

today, I uploaded Magnolia 12x12 patterned paper, Summer Memories edition 2012. Since i sell it in bundle pack (pack in 10 sheets and pack in 20 sheets), many of you asked about how it looks one by one design :)

so, I try to uploaded each of design here, I hope it's clearer than in website photo :)  here they are:

thanks for looking ;)

btw, don't forget to submit your photo for CARD CHALLENGE #2 "It's All about BABY" ;)  due date is 2 days to go.. just drop me a message in inbox FB or send it to


Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Mangoberry's CARD CHALLENGE #2

hi everyone!

it's already mid of the month, so now it's time to kick off the second card challenge ;)
are you excited? ;)

although we, Indonesian, don't celebrate mother's day in May, most of other countries celebrate it every second Sunday of May.. :) so i think it's not to late to say, Happy mother's day for all mom.. it's literally the toughest job in the world :) am proud to be one...

still fresh in my mind, the day I become a mom to my lovely son... it's the best feeling I ever had in my life..<3
because of that, I think it's time to have a baby theme for a challenge ;)  it could be: welcoming baby card, congratulation baby card, baby shower card, baby/toddler birthday card, or mother-to-be card,etc... as long as it's all about baby, you are welcome to submit your card ;)

so, let's kick off the second one.. ;)

Mangoberry's Card Challenge #2  (May 2012) Theme is:
Due time for card submission:  25 May 2012  (10 days from now)
Voting time: 26 - 31 May 2012
Winner announcement: 1 June 2012 

for those who still don't know the rules, please read it here.

the exciting news for the challenge is, I will add one more PRIZE for challenge participants ;) besides the 1,2,3 winners based on voting and the special winner based on judge choice, I will also pick one winner based on random basis ;D this lucky winner will also get 75rb shopping voucher at my website ;)  I will random your card's number (based on number in photo album) using  *wink wink*

so, what are you waiting for.. go to your craft room now :D  please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions..

happy crafting everyone :)

big hugs,

Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

The challenge winners! ;)

Finally... ;)

after 7 days of voting time...
28 participants...
249 total votes... (wow!)
I'm soooo excited to announce that we have our winners for Mangoberry Card Challenge #1 :)

*drum roll please...*

I proudly present our 1st WINNER: YULIS KARTIKA
Magnolia selalu identik dengan bunga... but Yulis proved that Tilda card doesn't always need a flower on it... but still it turned to be a gorgeous card!!  Congrats Yulis, you've just won 200rb shopping voucher at our webstore :)

another card with Tilda image... this one is so lovely and romantic.. :) I love all the details and it's perfect for your lovely one that you thinking of.. :) Congrats Christy, you've just won 75rb shopping voucher ;)

yes, you're right! we have 2 winners :) karena jumlah votes yg sama (21 votes), how should I choose the winner? :) these two cards are amazing, so I can't choose one.. I decided that I will give you both, voucher 75rb on my webstore :) Congrats Ayu and Nova...

and now, I will announce pemenang berdasarkan pilihan juri.. Honestly, so hard for me to choose.. everyone did great job!! but again, someone has to win, right? :) After long deliberation, I found the winner..

I love how this card come together.. the coloring is perfect! and what makes this card is so special... because this lovely card is made by a 11-years-old girl! Theodora Devina, I'm so proud of you! you're definitely have a talent.. keep up the good work, girl!  and congratulations, you've just won 75rb shopping voucher in my website :)

and now, I will announce 3 lucky voters who just win voucher 50rb :) I already random the voters' name, and come up with these 3 lucky names (I'm so sorry I forgot to take a picture :( baru sadar setelah semua kertas undian dibuang ke tempat sampah... :D *gosh.. silly me*  I promise, next time I'll take the pics..)

Congratulations to:
1. Friska Sanjaya
2. Siska Natalia
3. Hanafiah Annur

please remember that all the shopping vouchers valid for 1 month only...(it will expire on 31 May 2012).

now, I will announce another surprise.. :D like I told you before in my previous blog post, pemenang utama (1st winner) selain mendapatkan voucher belanja, juga akan mendapatkan surprise gift (berbeda setiap bulannya). 

well, for this challenge #1, I just made an exception :D this time, I will give 10% discount for one of your order.. not only for the 1st winner, but also for ALL PARTICIPANTS ;)  *wink wink*  as my appreciation for all of you who participate and put all your efforts in this challenge.. from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much... xoxo
(note: terms and conditions apply.. I will PM you via inbox for the details.. ;p)

again, thanks so much for you all.. see you in the next challenge ;) 

big hugs,

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Deasy's digital stamps blog winner :)

Good morning, all!

a quick post for today... two days ago I promise to announce the winner of Deasy's digital stamps in 21 April.. so sorry for late post, since last night I tried to post something, but the internet connection was so slow.. :-s

so, here we go... !!

I have picked two winners to win this digital stamps by using

and the 1st winner is, comment no. 2: MERLYN

the 2nd winner is, comment no. 3: KATIE

for the winners, please send email to: to claim your prize, and I will reply it with the jpg. and png. file of this stamps..
I will wait for 3 x 24 hours, if you still not contact me then I will choose another winner...

thanks so much everyone, for your lovely comment.. we are really appreciate it :)

big hugs,