Senin, 04 Juni 2012


hi all,

it's been awhile since my last post.. how's life lately? :) hope everyone is doing great...

today, I want to announce the winners for our 2nd Card Challenge... it's been late from schedule,actually... I promised to post it on 1st June, but then me and my son got sick and should bed rest for 2 days, thus I can't write any post :( I'm so sorry for this delay..

btw, after 259 votes, finally we've got our winners for the challenge ;) so let's meet our winners...
*drum roll pleaseeee...*

what a gorgeous baby card :) I love all the details Christy's had made for this card. Congratulations, you've just won 200rb shopping voucher in my website :)

Lia admitted that this is the first-time for her to join a challenge and she proved that the 1st time player also can win ;) this girly pinky baby card is sooo beautiful.. the color combination is just perfect.. looove this :) Congrats Lia, you've just won 75rb shopping voucher :)

Did you notice that Ayu was also our 3rd winner in the last challenge? ;) yup, she's maintaining her position in this challenge by providing us this lovely baby card.. I love the paper piecing technique she used in this card... Congrats Ayu, you won 75rb shopping voucher (again! ;p) in my website :)

we're moving on to special award based on Judge choice, and the winner is JOVITA MARIA
well, honestly I'm speechless when I received this card for the first time. what a creative idea!! I'm in love with this drawer card, don't you? :)) congrats, Jovita.. you've won 75rb shopping voucher too :)

for this challenge, I'm adding one winner method by choosing one lucky participant to also win 75rb shopping voucher.. I used to help me choose the lucky winner... ;)
so, congrats Card #13, you are our Lucky winner ;)

 and also our 3 lucky voters :)

Congratulations to Dea Felina, Go Stefani and Mariana Shoppe, you all have just won 50rb shopping voucher :)

please remember that all the shopping vouchers valid for 1 month only...(it will expire on 30 June 2012).
now, I will announce another surprise.. ;) like the 1st challenge, I gave 10% discount for ALL PARTICIPANTS ;) well, this time is no difference.. I'm also gonna give you ALL 10% discount for one of your order.. :D 
(note: terms and conditions apply.. I will PM you via inbox for the details.. ;p)

again, thanks so much for your participation... see you all in the next challenge ;)

big hugs,

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    1. and thank you so much for u too, mbak ve.. *hugs*

  2. congratzzz.. Mbak Jo i love ur card ^^

  3. Trims Inggrid... Ga nyangka bs menang jg .... Seneeeeeng banget :-)

  4. congrats for the winners!! all the participant creation were gorgeous Inggrid.. haave fun with mangoberry's challenge :)