Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

The challenge winners! ;)

Finally... ;)

after 7 days of voting time...
28 participants...
249 total votes... (wow!)
I'm soooo excited to announce that we have our winners for Mangoberry Card Challenge #1 :)

*drum roll please...*

I proudly present our 1st WINNER: YULIS KARTIKA
Magnolia selalu identik dengan bunga... but Yulis proved that Tilda card doesn't always need a flower on it... but still it turned to be a gorgeous card!!  Congrats Yulis, you've just won 200rb shopping voucher at our webstore :)

another card with Tilda image... this one is so lovely and romantic.. :) I love all the details and it's perfect for your lovely one that you thinking of.. :) Congrats Christy, you've just won 75rb shopping voucher ;)

yes, you're right! we have 2 winners :) karena jumlah votes yg sama (21 votes), how should I choose the winner? :) these two cards are amazing, so I can't choose one.. I decided that I will give you both, voucher 75rb on my webstore :) Congrats Ayu and Nova...

and now, I will announce pemenang berdasarkan pilihan juri.. Honestly, so hard for me to choose.. everyone did great job!! but again, someone has to win, right? :) After long deliberation, I found the winner..

I love how this card come together.. the coloring is perfect! and what makes this card is so special... because this lovely card is made by a 11-years-old girl! Theodora Devina, I'm so proud of you! you're definitely have a talent.. keep up the good work, girl!  and congratulations, you've just won 75rb shopping voucher in my website :)

and now, I will announce 3 lucky voters who just win voucher 50rb :) I already random the voters' name, and come up with these 3 lucky names (I'm so sorry I forgot to take a picture :( baru sadar setelah semua kertas undian dibuang ke tempat sampah... :D *gosh.. silly me*  I promise, next time I'll take the pics..)

Congratulations to:
1. Friska Sanjaya
2. Siska Natalia
3. Hanafiah Annur

please remember that all the shopping vouchers valid for 1 month only...(it will expire on 31 May 2012).

now, I will announce another surprise.. :D like I told you before in my previous blog post, pemenang utama (1st winner) selain mendapatkan voucher belanja, juga akan mendapatkan surprise gift (berbeda setiap bulannya). 

well, for this challenge #1, I just made an exception :D this time, I will give 10% discount for one of your order.. not only for the 1st winner, but also for ALL PARTICIPANTS ;)  *wink wink*  as my appreciation for all of you who participate and put all your efforts in this challenge.. from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much... xoxo
(note: terms and conditions apply.. I will PM you via inbox for the details.. ;p)

again, thanks so much for you all.. see you in the next challenge ;) 

big hugs,

5 komentar:

  1. Congratssss semuanya!!!!Semuanya Keren2 dan Mangoberry memang OKEEE!!!

  2. Congratulations all :)) Great Work Inggrid :))

  3. CONGRATZZZ ... kartunya keren and cantik2 :D

  4. Selamat ya Inggrid ... kick ff the 1st challenge benar2 sukses !
    big congrats for all the winners, especially for Theodora Davina! so really proud of her.
    Sukses selalu buat Mangoberry !!!!

  5. wow amazed with Theodora :) great one ^^